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Do You Offer Psychoanalysis or Psychotherapy?


The good news is that I offer both. 


We can decide which is best for you together.


Psychoanalysis in its simplest form is the process of identifying subconscious tendencies or patterns and bringing them from the subconscious into your conscious awareness.  In therapy, we will work to create insight for the resolution of problems. 


Psychotherapy focuses on a particular problem and is goal oriented.  This type of therapy is often short-term.

Customer Reviews

Michael Rudy made such a difference in my life.  His competence, compassion and caring is what got me to take the next step for my future.  I highly recommend Mr. Rudy to anyone who is serious about tackling their issues.

R. Anderson, client

Note: This testimonial makes no reference to financial planning or investment work.  Such testimonials are barred by securities regulations.

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